About Us


To support two Christian Medical Colleges and Hospitals in India, CMHC Vellore and CMHC Ludhiana,  so that they can continue to provide quality Christian medical education and compassionate care to the people of India.

Today’s Committee:

Since 2007, the South Asian Welcome Centre in Brampton has included the Committee under their mission and charitable licence.  The Committee operates as an arms-length
entity, with its own board members and a separate bank account.


Since the late 1940’s, two groups of volunteers met regularly to pray for, promote interest in and solicit financial support for CMCH Ludhiana in Punjab, North India and CMCH Vellore in Tamil Nadu, South India.

In 1954, the Ludhiana Fellowship and the Canadian Friends of Vellore joined together to become the Vellore Ludhiana Committee under the Boards of Overseas Missions of the Anglican, Baptist, Presbyterian and United Churches.  It was agreed that the Committee should be a Standing Committee of the Department of Overseas Missions
a constituent of the Canadian Council of Churches (CCC).  When restructuring terminated the work of the Department of Overseas Missions, the Committee continued as a Standing Committee of the CCC.  In 2006, the CCC terminated this relationship with the Vellore Ludhiana Committee and the Committee found a new partner in the South Asian Welcome Centre.

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